Loose joints?

Swivel joints such as ball joints, rack ends, & the like are sealed units that can’t be re-greased. The lifespan of these joints don’t last as long as it should. We at Zee are the only ones who can restore the tightness of these marginally worn joints by injecting them with our specially formulated polymer, making them feel brand new again.

The end product is totally road-worthy, safe, and can guarantee you at least 50% in savings. You can put off replacing that worn out joint for a very long time!

Leaking or stuck up shock absorbers?

The tough roads of the metro are sure to give your shock absorbers a few bumps and bruises. Zee offers a cheaper alternative to replacing your leaking or stuck up shock absorbers by rebuilding them into our very own screw top type design.

With this, we can easily replace your old oil seals and fluids with our high-grade Perbunan compound oil seals and premium shock fluid to ensure a constant damping force in varying temperature ranges. We also equip it with our high pressure charging valve to adjust nitrogen gas pressure for your desired stiffness.

Worn out bushings?

Rubber suspension bushings fall victim to wear and tear faster than we would like, all thanks to tough city roads. Worn out bushings are most likely the culprit for many mysterious squeaks, knocking noises and annoying vibrations you might experience while driving.

Even worse, it can cause excessive tire wear due to being unable to maintain accurate toe angles during braking and acceleration. Zee offers a more durable solution to rubber bushings. Our polyurethane bushings are firm enough to endure additional stress while giving you more precise steering and better road feedback.

Sporty look for less?

Have your car achieve a sportier look without compromising your comfort with our short strut shock absorbers and our Zee Carplus 0 degree Camber Correction kit. These shocks and camber kits are developed by zee and fabricated to suit your car's application, whatever brand it is. Another innovative solution brought to you by Zee.


Here at Zee Carplus, we give highest priority to your safety on the road. We use high-precision wireless receivers that give the fastest and most accurate live reading of your vehicle's toe and camber to the last degree without compromising our quality.

Vehicle out of warranty?

We at Zee service out of warranty vehicles of all makes, models, and sizes, ranging from the usual engine tune ups and periodic maintenance services, to engine, transmission, airbag, and ABS diagnostic scanning for all European, American, and Asian vehicles.

Zee can handle the toughest of jobs, from steering rack and pinion repair, to engine and transmission overhauls and repairs. We can do more than what the casa can, for less.

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